The daughter of a teacher and now the mother of a teacher, Senator Gwen Moore knows firsthand the importance of quality education for all children and she understands that education is the passport out of poverty for many children. As a state legislator, Gwen has been a tireless advocate for public schools. That is why she has gained the endorsement of Wisconsin ’s largest teachers organization. In Congress, Gwen will build on her record and continue her fight for smaller class sizes, and increased funding for higher education, teacher training, and after-school programs.

Gwen Moore’s Record of Accomplishments on Education

Worked to Reduce Class Sizes : Senator Moore knows that when students are in smaller classes, they learn more. As a member of the Joint Finance Committee, Senator Moore has worked to reduce class sizes for students in low-income elementary school classrooms. In 2004, 47,723 low-income students were enrolled in the program.

Senator Moore Opposed Cuts to Kindergarten Program for Milwaukee 4 Year-Olds: Citing publicly funded 4-year-old kindergarten as a firewall against great ignorance and mismatch in the future work force, Senator Moore opposed an attempt by Republicans to slash $46 million from the state’s 4-Year-Old Kindergarten Program. Milwaukee schools would have lost $11.5 million in 2004 had this cut been signed into law. 6,700 children enrolled in the 4-Year Old Kindergarten program attended Milwaukee public schools in 2003.

Worked to Expand Higher Education Opportunities for Minority Students: Senator Moore has secured funds in order to expand access to higher education for minority students. Senator Moore has obtained additional funding for the Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Program and the Advanced Opportunity Grant Program which provide financial assistance to minority college students.

Obtained Funding for School Breakfast Programs: Senator Moore was successful in securing additional funding for the School Breakfast Program to ensure low-income students receive the proper nutrition they need to learn and succeed.

Opposed Ending the State’s Commitment to Funding Two-Thirds of Public School Education Costs: In 2003, Senator Moore voted against an effort to end Wisconsin ’s commitment to fund two-thirds of pubic education costs.
Gwen Moore’s Education Priorities in Congress

Repeal No Child Left Behind Act : The No Child Left Behind Act has turned out to be more hype than help. The law created unfair new mandates that overburden our schools and the Bush Administration has failed to adequately fund the programs under the Act. In Congress, Gwen Moore will support the repeal of No Child Left Behind and will work to provide adequate funding for education programs including Title I, Head Start, and Special Education.

Fully Fund Education Promises : Gwen Moore knows that schools cannot be held accountable unless they are given the resources they need. Under President Bush’s 2005 Budget, the Fourth Congressional District faces a $169 million shortfall in promised federal funding. In Congress, Gwen will fight for full funding of the federal government’s promises in education spending.

Increase Funding for Teacher Training, Reduce Class Sizes : One of our top priorities in Congress should be to make sure that students have the best educational resources at their disposal and are provided with a healthy learning environment. To achieve this, Gwen Moore will support measures in Congress to increase our investment in the recruitment and training of teachers and to reduce class sizes so that children receive the attention they need from qualified instructor.

Expand Access to Higher Education : Higher education is the greatest source of opportunity for young people. In Congress, Gwen Moore will work to expand access to higher education by increasing the maximum Pell Grant award and reducing the cost of student loans. She will also support increased funding for minority-serving higher learning institutions like Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) to make sure more children can go to college.

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