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Our nation is facing a health care crisis. Costs of care are skyrocketing and too many are left without coverage. Health care is a right, not a fringe benefit. But in Wisconsin , over 470,000 people were uninsured in 2002. National health insurance is an idea that’s time has come. In the state legislature, Senator Moore has led efforts to bring health care to the uninsured. She will continue her work in Congress, fighting for a real prescription drug benefit under Medicare and universal coverage so ALL Americans have access to quality health care.

Gwen Moore’s Record on Health Care

Strong Advocate for Health Insurance Program for Low-Income Families: Senator Moore has been a strong supporter of the BadgerCare program, which provides health insurance for uninsured families. On the Joint Finance Committee, Moore opposed a proposal to suspend enrollment in the program, which provided insurance to over 100,000 Wisconsin residents including over 34,000 children in 2004.

Created State Minority Health Program: Senator Moore led the effort to create and fund the State Minority Health Program to address health care disparities in minority communities across the state. On the Joint Finance Committee, Moore has worked to ensure funding for the program. The program has funded 59 projects since its creation to tackle health disparity in communities of color.

Supported Prescription Drug Benefit for Wisconsin Seniors: In 2001, Senator Moore supported the creation of SeniorCare, a prescription drug benefit for Wisconsin seniors to assist them in paying the high price of prescription drugs. Over 84,000 seniors in Wisconsin were enrolled in SeniorCare as of June 2004.

Fought for Medicaid Coverage for Women With Breast or Cervical Cancer: In 2001, Senator Moore successfully authored a budget amendment to allow Wisconsin to extend Medicaid coverage to women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer that did not have access to other health care coverage.

Gwen Moore’s Health Care Priorities in Congress

Universal Health Care Coverage for All Americans: The skyrocketing cost of health care has made it impossible to afford for many Milwaukeeans and Americans, and the insurance gap increases dramatically in minority communities. In Congress, Moore will push for universal health care so no one goes without health care.

Provide REAL Prescription Drug Relief for Seniors: The prescription drug law approved this year in Congress is a giveaway to big phar mac eutical companies and it does little to provide relief to seniors burdened with the cost of prescription drugs. In Congress, Gwen will work to change this law to provide a real benefit to seniors that:

Closes the Gap in Coverage: The recently passed law includes a gap in coverage so many seniors will have to pay a significant portion of their drug costs out of pocket. In Congress, Gwen will support legislation to fix this flaw and provide comprehensive benefits to seniors as soon as possible.

Allows Negotiation of Prices: The current law prohibits the U.S. Government from using its purchasing power to negotiate lower prescription drug prices. Gwen Moore knows that we cannot adequately address the nation’s prescription drug problem unless we lower the actual costs of prescription drugs and in Congress, she will support efforts to require government negotiation of prices.

Allows Re-Importation of Prescription Drugs: The law caters to big drug companies by not allowing the re-importation of drugs from other nations where prices are much lower, so phar mac eutical companies can reap even greater profits at the expense of America ’s seniors. Gwen will fight to repeal this provision and allow seniors to get prescription drugs from approved nations such as Canada where they are more affordable.

Establish Patients’ Bill of Rights: Health care decisions should be made by doctors and their patients, not health insurance companies. Patients should have guaranteed access to needed health care specialists without having to go through their HMO or a primary provider. When patients are denied care by their insurance companies, they must have the power to hold them accountable. In Congress, Moore will support patients’ rights legislation to return the authority to make medical decisions to doctors and patients, not HMOs.

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