Job Creation & Economic Recovery

Wisconsin has lost nearly 69,000 manufacturing jobs since the beginning of the Bush Administration. Working families are suffering from the economic downturn and Congress must act quickly to bring relief the unemployed and to stimulate the economy. As a 15-year member of the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, State Senator Gwen Moore has a strong understanding of the economic issues that are facing Milwaukee today. Moore has been honored for her work to encourage business development in Milwaukee. As a member of Congress, she will continue her efforts, fighting to close corporate tax loopholes that encourage the outsourcing of American jobs, supporting incentives that spur job creation and economic recovery, and working to enact measures that provide relief to the unemployed.

Gwen Moore’s Record on Jobs and Economic Development

Helped Provide Venture Capital to Small Businesses: In 1997, Senator Moore successfully passed legislation that provided Wisconsin small businesses and entrepreneurs with $50 million in venture capital. In 2003, Moore supported a measure that offered an additional $75 million in venture capital funds to manufacturing or research companies.

Worked to Preserve Working Families Tax Credit: Senator Moore worked to preserve the Working Families Tax Credit, which eliminated income tax liability for married couples earning less than $18,000 and single individuals earning less than $9,000.

Honored for Efforts on Behalf of Minority Businesses and For Working to Keep Wisconsin Businesses Competitive: In 2000, Senator Moore was honored by the North Milwaukee State Bank for her long commitment to business development in Milwaukee , particularly within minority communities. In 2000, Senator Moore was recognized by the Wisconsin Bankers Association for efforts to pass legislation to update regulations for Wisconsin banks, savings institutions and credit unions to help them compete with national lending institutions.

Supported Tax Relief to Keep Key Businesses in Wisconsin : Senator Moore supported tax relief measures to encourage Midwest Airlines and Air Wisconsin to keep their headquarters and jobs in Wisconsin . Senator Moore co-authored a motion to make the tax relief retroactive to further increase incentives for these companies to stay in Wisconsin.
Gwen Moore’s Agenda for Job Creation & Economic Recovery

Extend Unemployment Benefits: Millions of Americans are still out of work despite their continued job search. Congress must extend unemployment benefits for these hardworking Americans to relieve the strain of the economic downturn on their family finances. In Congress, Gwen will push for additional benefits for those who have been hit hardest so they can continue to provide for their families during these tough times.

Repeal Costly Tax Cuts for the Rich: The Bush tax cuts for the rich have put the nation in economic crisis. We are currently facing record deficits and huge job losses. In Congress, Gwen will support rolling back the Bush tax cuts that benefited the wealthiest one percent of taxpayers while doing very little to help the millions of working people in this country. In Congress, Gwen Moore will support real tax relief for working Americans to put money back into the pockets of hardworking middle- and low-income taxpayers.

Oppose Outsourcing of U.S. Jobs: Many U.S. Companies are currently sending American jobs to foreign countries. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have been outsourced over the last three years and our tax system encourages this disturbing trend through tax loopholes. In Congress, Gwen Moore will work to end tax incentives that encourage companies to send jobs overseas and support additional targeted tax breaks to provide incentives to companies to create new manufacturing jobs in the United States .

Provide Targeted Tax Relief for Small Businesses: Small businesses are the engine of our economy, making up more than 96 percent of all employers in Wisconsin . In Congress, Gwen Moore will work to provide targeted tax relief to these businesses to generate investment and job creation. She will also support funding for Small Business Administration programs that assist minority-owned businesses and push for further investment in programs to help small U.S. manufacturers stay competitive.

Support Job Retraining Programs: In order to compete in the global market, American workers must be trained for an increasingly complex economy with new demands for worker skills. In Congress, Gwen Moore will work to provide full funding for programs that train displaced workers so they can find new jobs.

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