Moore To Hold Health Care Reform Meeting

MILWAUKEE — The debate over national health care reform has been heated at town hall meetings across the country, and now it’s taking center stage in Milwaukee.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore will host a public meeting here Tuesday, but some already have concerns about the way it’s being handled.

The White House set up a Web site Monday that it said will clarify and help dispel rumors about the health care reform plan.

Moore is turning to e-mail as she prepares to meet with voters.

Tempers have flared as voters have spoken out on health care reform to their congressional representatives, and sometimes to each other. Moore is hoping to avoid that at what she’s calling an informational session on Tuesday.

“I’m very optimistic that I will have a meeting that is productive, and I am optimistic that people who intend to disrupt will not prevail,” Moore said.

She said she’ll address the concerns of constituents, but she’s asking that questions be e-mailed so her staff can categorize them.

“To scour through the responses we have, the questions, the comments both for and against health care reform,” Moore said.

Pastor David King objects to the e-mail approach. He is the founder of Milwaukee’s God Squad, which works with Americans for Prosperity, a group that is encouraging people to attend the event.

King plans to attend because he said he opposes the reform plan, especially any government-run health car option.

“I think when the government wants to control your health care, I think they’re becoming God and we don’t need them to become God,” King said.

He said he believes the concerns of many people aren’t being heard by those in Washington and said he hopes they’re addressed Tuesday.

Moore’s office said the e-mail approach is designed to keep things as orderly as possible and to gauge where specific concerns are, not to screen or eliminate questions. She said, assuming the event remains orderly, there may be some opportunity for questions.

The health care meeting will be held Tuesday, from 4 to 6 p.m., at North Division High School.


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