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Gwen Moore for Congress Campaign, PO Box 16646, Milwaukee, WI 53216

How to Circulate Nomination Papers for Congresswoman Gwen Moore

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Dear Voter in the 4th Congressional District:

If you believe in my work and would like to see me on the primary and general election ballots, please take a moment to download and sign my nomination papers for the August 13, 2024 Primary and November 5, 2024, General Election. And mail them to:

Gwen Moore for Congress
PO Box 16646
Milwaukee, WI 53216

There are a few things to remember:

  • You can only sign these papers if you live in the 4th Congressional District,
    which includes the following municipalities: City of Milwaukee, Village of Bayside, Village of Brown Deer, Village of Fox Point, City of Glendale, Village of River Hills, Village of Shorewood, City of Wauwatosa, parts of the City of West Allis, Village of West Milwaukee, and Village of Whitefish Bay.

    NOTE: the 4th Congressional District’s boundaries has changed due to redistricting. A map of the new district boundaries is provided below.

There are a few things to remember:

  • A person may sign only one nomination paper for a candidate for a Congressional District in an election period. If you have signed another person’s or our nomination papers at an event or in the community for the 4th Congressional District of Wisconsin, then you cannot sign the enclosed papers.
  • You do not need to be registered to vote to sign the petition but rather eligible to register and vote. That generally means 18 years or older, a U.S. Citizen, you have lived in the district for at least 10 days, and you have not lost the right to vote due to a criminal felony conviction for which the person is currently on probation, parole, or extended supervision.
  • ALL signatures must be accompanied by a legible printed name, the signer’s full address and date of signing (please do not skip any boxes). Also please indicate whether their municipality is a city or a village. Post office and rural route numbers are not acceptable. The signer must indicate his/her residence, including street number.
  • Complete the section at the bottom titled “Certification of Circulator” dating the paper before mailing. The certification date must be on or after the latest date of a signer. You can ask any friends, neighbors, or colleagues to sign the papers before you mail them back to the campaign.

**Please remember you can only circulate for one candidate for a Congressional District in an election period. **

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Even if you are the who only one is listed on the nomination paper, YOU can still be the circulator. AGAIN: If your enclosed papers ONLY have your name or just ONE name, that is not a problem. You should sign and date the “Certification of Circulator” at the bottom and mail this back to the campaign. Do not wait to gather signatures if you feel you cannot gather additional signatures.
  • Nomination Forms MUST BE returned by May 20th at the latest, even if you are the only one signing. The nomination papers must be sent by mail to:

Gwen Moore for Congress Campaign, PO Box 16646, Milwaukee, WI 53216.

Remember: Nomination papers CANNOT be emailed, texted, scanned or faxed.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Chris Trull at 337-377-5857 or Brenda Moore at 414-322-6161. You can also email at if you have questions.

Thank you for your willingness to help and all your assistance.

My very best,

Gwen S. Moore

P.S.  If you’re interested in helping out by making follow-up phone calls to other voters in the 4th district, please reach out to Chris using the phone number above.

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