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In the state Senate, Gwen Moore has been a leader on issues that impact women and their families. From combating domestic violence to providing health care coverage for breast and cervical cancer patients, Senator Moore has been a leader on measures to improve the well-being of women in Milwaukee . In Congress, Gwen will continue her work—fighting to expand family leave options, protect a woman’s right to choose from constant attack by Republicans, and further the economic prosperity of women and their families.

Gwen Moore’s Record on Women & Families

Leader on Ending Domestic Violence: In the state Senate, Moore has been a key leader on combating domestic violence in our community.

* Anti-Stalking Initiatives: Moore has worked on key anti-stalking initiatives, cosponsoring a measure to expand the areas for which judges could issue restraining orders or arrest warrants of harassers. Senator Moore also cosponsored legislation to make it easier to prosecute stalkers and legislation to increase penalties for stalking offenses.
* Family Violence Option Waiver for Welfare Recipients: Senator Moore worked to convince the state of Wisconsin to join other states in adopting the federal Family Violence Option, which increases the ability of welfare agencies to waive certain welfare program requirements for families suffering from domestic violence.
* Secured Funding to Combat Domestic Violence in Refugee Families: In 2004, Senator Moore successfully secured over $500,000 for the statewide Refugee Family Strengthening (RFS) program, which offers domestic abuse prevention and intervention services to refugee communities.

Fought for Medicaid Coverage for Women With Breast or Cervical Cancer: In 2001, Senator Moore successfully authored a budget amendment to allow Wisconsin to automatically extend Medicaid coverage to women diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer that did not have access to other health care coverage.

Worked to Increase Child Care Assistance, Strengthen Maternity Leave for Low-Income Women: Senator Moore supported proposals to extend the amount of time women on welfare could stay at home to care for their newborn children. Moore has been a key negotiator in the child care funding packages, working to substantially increase child care assistance for low-income families and protect eligibility.

Champion for Women’s Right to Choose: In the state Senate, Moore has been a fierce advocate for a woman’s right to choose. Gwen has been honored as a leader on protecting Roe v. Wade and women’s access to reproductive care.

* Contraceptive Coverage: In 2003, Senator Moore requested attention from the state Attorney General regarding the exclusion of birth control from health care plans. The Attorney General issued a formal ruling in 2004 that state and federal law required equitable coverage of contraceptives.

Gwen Moore’s Priorities for Women & Families in Congress

Expand Family and Medical Leave: The Family and Medical Leave Act gives certain workers the right to take leave to care for a newborn or newly adopted child or a seriously ill family member. Yet many working families do not benefit from this law because they cannot afford to take unpaid leave. In order to make sure that all workers can meet their families’ needs without compromising income or job security, Gwen will fight to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act to provide paid leave for our workers.

Increase Funding for Child Care: Gwen Moore knows that affordable child care is the key to economic independence and self-sufficiency for many women and single parents. In Congress, Gwen will continue to work hard to ensure that women are not kept out of the workforce because they cannot afford to pay for child care. Only one in seven eligible families receive help from federal child care grants. Gwen will fight for an increase in child care funding for low-income families.

Fight for Pay Parity for Working Women: Although equal pay has been the law since the 1960’s, women still are paid less than men, earning $.77 for every dollar earned by a male employee in 2002. The disparity increases for women of color. In Congress, Gwen will support legislation to end this injustice in the workplace .

Expand Small Business Administration Assistance for Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses: In Congress, Gwen will focus on increased Small Business Administration assistance including programs that help women- and minority-owned businesses, particularly those located in low-income areas to generate jobs in our community.

Protect and Expand Access to Reproductive Care: In Congress, Gwen Moore will bring her successful work on contraceptive coverage to Congress, working to require contraceptive equity in health insurance nationwide.

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